Week 5 NFL Game Picks for Last Man Standing Pool

So there you have it, the super-computer goes 7 for 10 once again.  The Cowboys lost a stunner that nobody could predict, and the Broncos dove like the Dow Jones.  This week, the super-computer even manages to predict an upset or two (No, not Palin over Biden- that is a different blog).

1.  Cowboys (composite score 6)-  The super-computers version of the lead pipe lock.  Go Cowboys this week and start worrying about next week.

2.  Panthers (composite score 11)- Taking on the KC Cheifs and whoever they can dig up to play quaterback.  Safe bet here, as well.

3.  NY Giants (composite score 13)- Giants are staring at 4-0 and the lead of the NFC East, the Seahawks are staring at a superior team.  If Eli can keep his composure, all should be well.

4.  New England (composite score 16)- Patriots look to get back on track against San Fransisco.  The computer does not think this will be as close as the odds-makers do.  Take the Pats giving three (the over doesnt look to bad either at 41!)

5.  Chargers (composite score 18)- San Diego takes on Miami who still high from that Patriots victory fall back to earth and resume their role as AFC door mats.

6.  Saints (composite score 19)-  New Orleans and Drew Brees seem to be due against the Vikings and their offense can be potent at times.

7.  Chicago (composite score 20)-  The lions will struggle against the Bears D, and Orton has control of the offense as much as any of the last 10 QB’s the Bears have trotted out.  Forte is running strong…

8.  Green Bay (composite score 21)-  GB will be back to business behind the shaky shoulder of their new QB against the shaky secondary of Atlanta.  Advantage GB.

9.  Arizona Cardinals (composite score 26)-  Upset pick?  Not as much as the next one, but we shall see how much the loss of Boldin hurts the Cardinals.  Buffalo is just not as good as their record.

10.  Washington Redskins (composite score 28)-  The computer goes on a limb here and picks the 6 point road dogs.  That new momentum calculation may be over-compensating for that big victory in Dallas.  Or maybe the Redskins secondary showed something?  Maybe it’s a 40% McNabb gets injured?  We shall see…


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2 Responses to “Week 5 NFL Game Picks for Last Man Standing Pool”

  1. Derek Says:

    Actually in week 4, the computer picked 6 out of 10….not 7 out of 10. Dallas lost to Washington, Denver lost to KC, Philly lost to Chicago, and Green Bay lost to Tampa Bay.

  2. racerspace Says:

    Ahh, yes, thank you Derek. That MNF fiasco escaped me. Thank you for your keen eye and good luck this weekend!

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