Week 7 Free NFL Game Picks

Forget the stock market crash, last week saw all the top favorites fall. 

The six picks that the super computer got wrong were favored by a combined 41 points and they all lost!  Redskins, Giants and Dallas all fell from the NFC East (toughest conference supposedly).  New England and Denver?  Forget black Tuesday, this was Black Sunday!  The first time this year the computer fell below .500 for a Sunday.  Some additional programming was made to insure it gets back to it’s winning ways.

1.  NY Giants (Composite score 4)- Giants look to rebound against the 49’ers.  Eli says he’s OK to play, but that would be the thing to watch before making the G-Men a “lock”.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers (Composite score 8)-  Pittsburgh may be withou Fast Willie but that should no matter much against the Bengals.  Ocho-stinko provides some additional off field distraction today just to make you feel a little better about the pick.

3.  Tampa Bay Bucs (Composite Score 13)-  TB cruises here…

4.  Houston (Composite Score 15)-  Houston showed some moxie with that will last week, Detroit shows it has given up by trading one it’s best players this week.

5.  Dallas (Composite Score 18)-  Romo now may play with a broken pinkie, they added a second Roy Williams to the team, Pacman is gobbled up by the NFL.  They still beat the Shams in St. Louis.

6.  Tennessee (Composite Score 19)-  The computer still thinks they are over-rated, but the Titans take on the Chiefs this week landing them the number 6 spot.

7.  Baltimore (Composite Score 21)-  One of two upset picks this week, Baltimore has what it takes to handle Miami’s goofy wildcat formation.

8.  Patriots (Composite Score 26)-  Taking on Denver, this one may be close but the computer says so!

9.  New Orleans (Composite Score 28)-  Second upset pick.  Look for Brees to air it out and get by the Panthers.

10.  Indianapolis (Composite Score 30)-  One surgery or two?  Who cares, really.  The league’s top Manning regaining his form and coming together with Marvelous Marvin.


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One Response to “Week 7 Free NFL Game Picks”

  1. Linda Says:

    It is already Thurs PM where are week 8 picks

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