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Week 8 Free NFL Game Picks

October 24, 2008

Well sports fans, the Computer rebounded nicely last week.  Back to it’s usual 7 out of 10 including the underdog Ravens against Miami.  Looks like the tweaks we made to it’s program were right on (or the football gods were just in a much kinder mood last week).

Sorry for the late post, we started to get the nasty-grams Thursday afternoon.  The computer was assisting the Obama campaign with poll predictions and helping Greenspan calculate the newest bail out package.  Not it’s focus has been shifted squarely towards the 8th week of the NFL season.

1.  Jets (Composite score 6)- J-E-T-S… make their first appearance at number 1.  Taking on KC minus OJ, I mean LJ.

2.  Texans (Compostite score 9)- Matt Schaub has the tools to take apart the Bengals D.

3.  Eagles (Composite score 10)-  Westbrook should be able to play this week and Kevin Curtis is to return which gives McNabb his top weapons back.

4.  Redskins (Composite score 13)-  The Lions are said to not be sold out for the first time in years, I wonder why?

5.  Ravens (Composite score 17)-  The computer is high on Ray Lewis’ bunch for the second week in a row.

6.  Jaguars (Composite score 19)-  Cleveland is without Kellen Winslow Jr., lately his presence in the starting line up is as scarce as anti-biotics in the Browns locker room.

7.  Bills (Composite score 21)-  The Bills have been finding a way to get it done lately, and sometimes that is all you need.

8. Panthers (Composite score 22)-  The Panthers took down the high flying Saints last week, it looks like their D is legit.

9.  NYG (Composite score 23)-  This weeks upset, looking to take down the favored Steelers.

10.  49’ers (Composite score 25)-  The San Fransisco squad makes their first appearance on the list, taking on a shaky Seattle squad.  Frank Gore should have a big day.


Free Weekly NFL Game Picks Week 4

September 25, 2008

The super computer picked 7 out of 10 correctly again last week!  If New England hadn’t of melted down quicker than the big bang machine, it would have been 8 out of 10.  That being said, if you are trusting in the picks of the super computer, you are still in it to win it.  Remember, it is not just making the picks for you, it is ranking them in order of most certain to win.  So if you picked the number one choice each week so far you are still in your pool!

So here it is, week 4’s picked sorted and ranked by the super-secret NFL pool super computer:

1.  Dallas Cowboys (composite score 10)-  The Cowboys are the number 1 pick for the first time this season, more because of the quality of opponents they faced in weeks 2 and 3.  This week they take on the Redskins who will be out-matched at Texas Stadium.

2.  Buffalo Bills (composite score 14)-  The Bills are taking on the Rams which explains their number 2 status this week.  The Bills are going for 4-0 and the Rams are going for 0-4.  They are trotting out Trent Green for the first time since the 2000 season with the Rams.

3.  Denver Broncos(composite score 18)-  The Broncos have had a little help in getting to 3-0, they may need a little of that mojo in this one as Denver has lost 4 of the last 5 games at Arrowhead.  KC should provide a little of that help on their own…

4.  SD Chargers (composite score 22)-  The Chargers have won nine straight against the Raiders, here’s to number 10.

5.  Tennessee Titans(composite score 24)-  The Titans have been a surprise and new starter Kerry Collins looks good thus far.  Adrian Peterson’s hamstring is a question mark.  The Titans are going for their first 4-0 start in team history, but the Vikings have won the last 4 match-ups.

6.  Jacksonville Jags (composite score 25)-  The one-two punch of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 228 yards against Indianapolis last week.  The Houston defense ranks number 27 against the run…

7.  Philadelphia Eagles(composite score 27)-  Mcnabb and Westbrook are both a little roughed up this week, but both are expected to play.  When Mcnabb posts a 100+ passer rating the Eagles are 37-1 so it is obvious that as Mcnabb goes, so go the Eagles.

8.  Carolina Panthers (composite score 29)-  Both teams are tied for the lead in the NFC South.  The Panthers at home should provide a good test for the rookie Falcons QB.

9.  Pittsburgh Steelers(composite score 29)-  Close call here, but the Steelers should be a little more composed under the bright lights of Monday Night Football.  The loss of Willie Parker takes a little away from their offense, but their defense is looking to confuse rookie QB Flacco.

10.  Green Bay Packers (composite score 31)-  After running into a superior team last Sunday night in the Cowboys, they look to rebound against Tampa Bay.