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Week 12 Free NFL Picks Survivor Last Man Standing Pool

November 12, 2008

The computer went 7.5 for 10 last week because of that screwy tie.  That is 25 for 30 for the last three weeks!

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Week 12 Free NFL game Picks

Survivor Pool, Last man standing, loser pool

The Super Computer correctly chose 9 out of 10 games last week! The second week in a row it got 9 of 10. It has chosen correctly 70% of the time this season, correctly picking 70 of 100 games in a markedly uneven season. Not too shabby computer!

This weeks Free NFL Game Picks:

1. Panthers (Composite score 6)- The Lions dont have a lot of hope here besides the element of surprise (and that’s a stretch!)

2. Dolphins (Composite score 9)- The Dolphins are a new team, unfortunately the Raiders are not.

3. Eagles (Composite score 11)- The Bengals are a more dangerous team than their record indicates, but the Eagles need this win and have too many tools.

4. Colts (Composite score 14)- Indy has some serious momentum coming off big wins. Texans have a backup quarterback and a lot less to play for.

5. 49ers (Composite score 16)- Playing against the Rams. Oh, and they are playing against the Rams, too.

6. Falcons (Composite score 18)- You gotta love Matt Ryan for rookie of the year. Both team have young gun qb’s but the Falcon’s should be able to control the game with their running attack.

7. Steelers (Composite score 20)- Not huge Vegas favorites but we think they should be in this one.

8. Chicago Bears (Composite score 22)- Upset pick alert! The Bears take out GB in Green Bay.

9. Cardinals (Composite score 26)- Seattle can’t cover the Cardinals receivers and Warner is as hot as the Warner of old.

10. Giants (Composite score 33)- This one is closer than people may think. In fact the computer had some points go towards this being an upset!


Week 10 Free NFL Game Picks for Survival Pool

November 6, 2008

Oh man, what a week for the Super-Computer!  9 out of 10 games chosen correctly last week including the Jets taking out the 5 point favorite Bills and the Ravens disinfecting the Browns!  You can’t get much better than that!  Well, one game better I suppose, but the Bengals getting off the snide was out of the computer’s scope.

So if you need NFL game picks for your survival pool, or your loser pool, or just to win some extra mortgage money, the Computer is on point lately!  Make no mistake, Obama gets his picks right here.  How else do you think he could raise 1/2 Billion dollars to blow on his campaign???

Week 10 Free NFL Game Picks:

1.  Chargers (Composite Score 8)-  One of the biggest Vegas favorites of the year.  They need a statement game and the Chiefs are just what the doctor ordered.  Chargers are as healthy as they have been in a long time…

2.  Panthers (Composite Score 10)-  The Panthers are fresh off a bye week and in first place and Steve Smith is smiling right now on the news that Dangelo Hall was released for some strange reason.

3.  Cardinals (Composite Score 13)-  The second coming of Kurt Warner continues to impress.  Hightower is taking over the running game for “Over the” Edgerrin James.  They are 9-2 at home and their passing game is too much for the 49’ers.

4.  Jets (Composite Score 15)-  The Rams are allowing 5 yards per carry on the ground and the Jets have a lot to play for this week.  While the Rams are capable of an upset (See Washington and Dallas games) a decent day by the Jets will equal a win.

5.  Dolphins (Composite Score 18)-  Who woulda thunk it?  The Dolphins in the top 5?  The Seahawks are in a state of chaos right now and the Dolphins are newly hopeful and even talking playoffs.

6.  Jaguars (Composite Score 20)- This one is a bit of a risk because we don’t know which Daunte Culpepper is going to show up.  The computer is betting on the one that has been unemployed the last two seasons…

7.  Giants (Composite Score 22)-  Upset pick of the week!  Is it really though?  The Eagles are favored by three points some how, but the Giants are playing with too much confidence to bet against them.

8.  Patriots (Composite Score 24)-  The Bills are a bit of a mess right now and the Patriots are just solid enough to pull this one off.

9.  Steelers (Composite Score 25)-  The longest play against the Steeler’s D has been 35 yards and the Colts aren’t exactly the team they once were on offense.  Steelers at home…

10.  Vikings (Composite Score 26)-  Look for AD Adrian Peterson to have a big day at home against the Pack.  This may be close and a high scoring affair…


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Free NFL Game Picks Week 9 NFL Picks

October 30, 2008

The super computer has been busier than Larry Johnson’s defense team ironing out all the new tendencies in this year’s crazy NFL.  Week 8 was very successful!  7 out of 10 games chosen correctly again, including the underdog NY Giants taking out the Steelers.

Free NFL Game Picks Weekly

Free NFL Game Picks Weekly

If you are not used to the Super Computer’s picks, they are in order of the computer’s certainty of the win.  So the fact that last week the computer got it’s top five picks correct should not be overlooked.  You can rely on pick 1 more than pick 10.

NFL Week 9 Picks:

1.  Da Bears (Composite Score 6)-  The Bears are relying on their offense for a change behind a resurgent Kyle Orton.  The Lions are win-less on the road this year, on grass this year, have lost 14 of 15 games and 28 of the last 33 on the road.  No reason to mess with any of those trends. 

2.  Tampa Bay (Composite Score 9)-  Nothing like a game against the Chiefs to get you back on track after a poor showing versus the Cowboys.

3.  Eagles (Composite Score 12)- The Seahawks rushed for 39 yards last week and the Eagles held the Falcons to 77 yards rushing last week which leads you to believe they will have to pass, and it looks like Seneca Wallace will be their QB…

4.  Jaguars (Composite Score 15)-  Cincinatti is allowing 27 points per game, hasn’t won a game, and Fitzpatrick is starting at QB.

5.  New York Giants (Composite Score 18)-  This pains the computer as it resides in Texas, but the Cowboys are a walking infirmary right now missing Pro Bowlers at QB, CB, S and possibly TE with Witten’s broken ribs.  Their top three corners are out as well as their top two safeties.  Eli should be able to air it out…

6.  Falcons (Composite Score 19)-  The Falcons need to get their running game going and the Raiders are just what the doctor ordered for Michael Turner to have a big week.  WIth Vick still making license plates they need to take some pressure off their rookie QB.

7.  Indianapolis (Composite Score 22)-  Vegas has the Colts as 6 point favorites, not sure where they go that after watching last week’s game but we have them winning here.

8.  New York Jets (Composite Score 25)-  Upset Pick of the week!  Look for the Jets to take out the 5 point favorite Bills in Buffalo.  Buffalo has won three straight against the Jets who were held to an average of 10 points.  That was before Brett, Brett, Brett!

9.  Ravens (Composite Score 25)-  Second upset pick for the week.  Flacco and the Ravens look to heat up the offense and then bathe in antiseptic after close contact with the Staph-prone Browns.  Last game brought accusations of Brown’s players gouging McGahee’s eyes, should provide for a little added fire…

10.  Cardinals (Composite Score 28)-  Bolding and Fitzgerald are the best WR duo in the league.  The Rams are coming on a little as of late, but if the Cardinals can limit some of the stupid mistakes it should be smooth sailing for Arizona.

NFL Free Game Picks Week 6 Survival Pool

October 10, 2008

You read it here, the Super-Computer was the first one on the Redskins bandwagon, picking them to upset the 6 point favorite Eagles.  It also picked the Cardinals to knock off the unbeaten Buffalo Bills!  Going 7 for 10 last week with those two upset picks, not too shabby computer!

Here are this weeks NFL game picks direct from the Super-computer for your survival or last man standing pool.

1.  Washington Native-Americans (Comp score 6)-  The odds makers have finally caught up with the super-computer and jumped on the bandwagon.  Playing the rams doesn’t hurt either…

2.  Minnesota Vikings(Comp score 10)- This seems to be more of a vote against the Lions than for the Vikes.  We all want to see Gus head-butt another wall though, admit it.

3.  Giants (Comp score 11)- No reason to think they would falter this week after the pounding they delivered last week.

4.  Saints(Comp score 13)- Breesseems to be in command and those receivers are stepping up.  Too much for the Raiders.

5.  Eagles(Comp score 15)- They look to right their “embarrasing” play against the 49’ers.  Clubhouse distractions and injuries hamper them some.

6.  Dallas (Comp score 16)-  They need a solid effort to keep up with the old man in Arizona.

7.  New England(Comp score 18)-  Cassel is gaining confidence and sync with Moss.

8.  Cincinatti(Comp score 19)-  Upset alert!  You heard it here first.  The Bengals are better than their record, not so sure you can say that about the Bretts.

9.  Colts (Comp score 21)-  Manning has to turn things around eventually, doesn’t he?

10.  Broncos (Comp score 22)-  Broncos will need to air it out to get past the Jags this week.


Week 5 NFL Game Picks for Last Man Standing Pool

October 2, 2008

So there you have it, the super-computer goes 7 for 10 once again.  The Cowboys lost a stunner that nobody could predict, and the Broncos dove like the Dow Jones.  This week, the super-computer even manages to predict an upset or two (No, not Palin over Biden- that is a different blog).

1.  Cowboys (composite score 6)-  The super-computers version of the lead pipe lock.  Go Cowboys this week and start worrying about next week.

2.  Panthers (composite score 11)- Taking on the KC Cheifs and whoever they can dig up to play quaterback.  Safe bet here, as well.

3.  NY Giants (composite score 13)- Giants are staring at 4-0 and the lead of the NFC East, the Seahawks are staring at a superior team.  If Eli can keep his composure, all should be well.

4.  New England (composite score 16)- Patriots look to get back on track against San Fransisco.  The computer does not think this will be as close as the odds-makers do.  Take the Pats giving three (the over doesnt look to bad either at 41!)

5.  Chargers (composite score 18)- San Diego takes on Miami who still high from that Patriots victory fall back to earth and resume their role as AFC door mats.

6.  Saints (composite score 19)-  New Orleans and Drew Brees seem to be due against the Vikings and their offense can be potent at times.

7.  Chicago (composite score 20)-  The lions will struggle against the Bears D, and Orton has control of the offense as much as any of the last 10 QB’s the Bears have trotted out.  Forte is running strong…

8.  Green Bay (composite score 21)-  GB will be back to business behind the shaky shoulder of their new QB against the shaky secondary of Atlanta.  Advantage GB.

9.  Arizona Cardinals (composite score 26)-  Upset pick?  Not as much as the next one, but we shall see how much the loss of Boldin hurts the Cardinals.  Buffalo is just not as good as their record.

10.  Washington Redskins (composite score 28)-  The computer goes on a limb here and picks the 6 point road dogs.  That new momentum calculation may be over-compensating for that big victory in Dallas.  Or maybe the Redskins secondary showed something?  Maybe it’s a 40% McNabb gets injured?  We shall see…

Free Weekly NFL Game Picks Week 4

September 25, 2008

The super computer picked 7 out of 10 correctly again last week!  If New England hadn’t of melted down quicker than the big bang machine, it would have been 8 out of 10.  That being said, if you are trusting in the picks of the super computer, you are still in it to win it.  Remember, it is not just making the picks for you, it is ranking them in order of most certain to win.  So if you picked the number one choice each week so far you are still in your pool!

So here it is, week 4’s picked sorted and ranked by the super-secret NFL pool super computer:

1.  Dallas Cowboys (composite score 10)-  The Cowboys are the number 1 pick for the first time this season, more because of the quality of opponents they faced in weeks 2 and 3.  This week they take on the Redskins who will be out-matched at Texas Stadium.

2.  Buffalo Bills (composite score 14)-  The Bills are taking on the Rams which explains their number 2 status this week.  The Bills are going for 4-0 and the Rams are going for 0-4.  They are trotting out Trent Green for the first time since the 2000 season with the Rams.

3.  Denver Broncos(composite score 18)-  The Broncos have had a little help in getting to 3-0, they may need a little of that mojo in this one as Denver has lost 4 of the last 5 games at Arrowhead.  KC should provide a little of that help on their own…

4.  SD Chargers (composite score 22)-  The Chargers have won nine straight against the Raiders, here’s to number 10.

5.  Tennessee Titans(composite score 24)-  The Titans have been a surprise and new starter Kerry Collins looks good thus far.  Adrian Peterson’s hamstring is a question mark.  The Titans are going for their first 4-0 start in team history, but the Vikings have won the last 4 match-ups.

6.  Jacksonville Jags (composite score 25)-  The one-two punch of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 228 yards against Indianapolis last week.  The Houston defense ranks number 27 against the run…

7.  Philadelphia Eagles(composite score 27)-  Mcnabb and Westbrook are both a little roughed up this week, but both are expected to play.  When Mcnabb posts a 100+ passer rating the Eagles are 37-1 so it is obvious that as Mcnabb goes, so go the Eagles.

8.  Carolina Panthers (composite score 29)-  Both teams are tied for the lead in the NFC South.  The Panthers at home should provide a good test for the rookie Falcons QB.

9.  Pittsburgh Steelers(composite score 29)-  Close call here, but the Steelers should be a little more composed under the bright lights of Monday Night Football.  The loss of Willie Parker takes a little away from their offense, but their defense is looking to confuse rookie QB Flacco.

10.  Green Bay Packers (composite score 31)-  After running into a superior team last Sunday night in the Cowboys, they look to rebound against Tampa Bay.

Week 3 Free NFL game picks for your survival pool

September 17, 2008

The Super-Computer is learning and evolving!  It correctly chose 7 out of 10 winners last week!  It was so excited it tossed down one of it’s micro-chips before it crossed the goal line. 

Desean Jackson Play

Desean Jackson Play









 With it’s data-based computations, the more we find out about the teams the better the picks.  So with that, I give you this week’s free NFL game picks for your last man standing pool:

1.  The New York Giants (composite score 14).  The Giants get top billing two weeks in a row.  The super computer does reside in NY, but the pick has more to do with the Giants week 3 opponents.  The Bengals have not shown much this year, and their inability to rush the QB bodes well for Eli.

2.  The Brady-less Patriots (composite score 17).  The Patriots are playing against a Miami defense that made Kurt Warner look like the old Ram’s MVP last week.

3.  Buffalo Bills (composite score 21).  This was a bit of a surprise, but the super computer knows what it is doing!  The Raiders looked better last week behind the running of Run DMC, but Buffalo held the stout running game of the Jaguars to under 100 yards, so they should be able to handle them.

4.  Seattle (composite score 33).  They are playing the Rams.  ‘Nuff said.

5.  Titans (composite score 34).  The Titans are playing against a Texan’s team that struggles to rush the passer, and that is exactly what Kerry Collins needs to be successful.

6.  Da’ Bears (composite score 38).  Both teams can guard against the run.  Which team can pass better?  The computer takes the Bears “D” over Tampa’s “O”.

7.  Atlanta (composite score 38).  The Falcons are facing a Chief’s defense that gave up over 300 yards rushing to the Raiders last week.  Michael Turner should have a field day.

8.  Denver Broncos (composite score 40).  You gotta love those receivers, and they have to be emotionally up after that dramatic win last week, going for 2 to win it.  The Saints defense has a lot of injuries and won’t be able to keep up.

9.  San Diego (composite score 40).  You just get the feeling they are due after their first two losses in the closing seconds.  They are also playing the weakest team they have faced in the Jets.

10.  Indianapolis (composite score 42).  The loss of Sanders hurts the Colt’s secondary, but Trent Edwards had a good day against the Jaguars so Peyton should be fine.


So there is your NFL week 3 Picks for your Suicide pool, last man standing pool, loser pool or whatever pool you are playing.  Have fun and good luck.

This Weeks Last Man Standing Free NFL Game Picks

September 4, 2008

The first thing that I want to say is that I am not an odds maker, bookie, expert or gambler.  I am in a couple pools strictly for the fun of competing in them.  To this end, I rely on the opinions of true experts in the field, and compile those opinions into rankings.  The opinions of over 20 of the top experts in the field go into the rating system that you see here.

Top 10 Picks for Last man standing/Survival pools for NFL games:

Week 1 of NFL 2008 Season:

1.  Patriots (suprised?  Brady, no Brady, who cares?)

2. Chargers (Too talented for the Panthers, just healthy enough)

3. Eagles (The only way for the Rams to stop Kevin Westbrook is to nominate him for GOP VP, oops already taken)

4. Colts (If Peyton was health they rank higher.  Chicago has a chance if they can figure out how to start Devin Hester at 5 positions at once)

5. Saints (They are looking to rebound and have all the tools)

6. Giants (Redskins had a major overhaul, Giants lost some D-line)

7. Steelers (Houston has problems with the running game and defense, two bad problems to have)

8. Cowboys (Cowboys improved their roster all around, too much O for the Browns to keep up)

9. Jaguars (This one could be closer than people think, Jags O-line needs to play well)

10. Bengals (Joe Flacco will be the Raven’s QB, Carson Palmer will be the Bengal’s QB)


So there you go, my highly scientific and reliable method that takes the hard work and expertise of many experts in the field and ranks teams for our football pool glory.  Since I can’t come up with good picks myself, I take the consensus picks from the smartest people on the subject.  Original no, effective….we’ll have to see.