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Week 10 Free NFL Game Picks for Survival Pool

November 6, 2008

Oh man, what a week for the Super-Computer!  9 out of 10 games chosen correctly last week including the Jets taking out the 5 point favorite Bills and the Ravens disinfecting the Browns!  You can’t get much better than that!  Well, one game better I suppose, but the Bengals getting off the snide was out of the computer’s scope.

So if you need NFL game picks for your survival pool, or your loser pool, or just to win some extra mortgage money, the Computer is on point lately!  Make no mistake, Obama gets his picks right here.  How else do you think he could raise 1/2 Billion dollars to blow on his campaign???

Week 10 Free NFL Game Picks:

1.  Chargers (Composite Score 8)-  One of the biggest Vegas favorites of the year.  They need a statement game and the Chiefs are just what the doctor ordered.  Chargers are as healthy as they have been in a long time…

2.  Panthers (Composite Score 10)-  The Panthers are fresh off a bye week and in first place and Steve Smith is smiling right now on the news that Dangelo Hall was released for some strange reason.

3.  Cardinals (Composite Score 13)-  The second coming of Kurt Warner continues to impress.  Hightower is taking over the running game for “Over the” Edgerrin James.  They are 9-2 at home and their passing game is too much for the 49’ers.

4.  Jets (Composite Score 15)-  The Rams are allowing 5 yards per carry on the ground and the Jets have a lot to play for this week.  While the Rams are capable of an upset (See Washington and Dallas games) a decent day by the Jets will equal a win.

5.  Dolphins (Composite Score 18)-  Who woulda thunk it?  The Dolphins in the top 5?  The Seahawks are in a state of chaos right now and the Dolphins are newly hopeful and even talking playoffs.

6.  Jaguars (Composite Score 20)- This one is a bit of a risk because we don’t know which Daunte Culpepper is going to show up.  The computer is betting on the one that has been unemployed the last two seasons…

7.  Giants (Composite Score 22)-  Upset pick of the week!  Is it really though?  The Eagles are favored by three points some how, but the Giants are playing with too much confidence to bet against them.

8.  Patriots (Composite Score 24)-  The Bills are a bit of a mess right now and the Patriots are just solid enough to pull this one off.

9.  Steelers (Composite Score 25)-  The longest play against the Steeler’s D has been 35 yards and the Colts aren’t exactly the team they once were on offense.  Steelers at home…

10.  Vikings (Composite Score 26)-  Look for AD Adrian Peterson to have a big day at home against the Pack.  This may be close and a high scoring affair…


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