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Week 14 NFL Game Picks Pool Picks

December 3, 2008

Week 14 Super Computer NFL Pool Picks:


Ok, the super computer is hotter than Amy Winehouse’s crack pipe. That 44 for 50 in the last 5 weeks. And don’t forget about the exclusive pick of the Jets knocking off the undefeated Titans!

Here are Week 14’s Super-Computer picks:

1. Cardinals (Composite Score 4): Taking on the Rams in this one as 13 point Vegas favorites.

2. Titans (Composite Score 6): Also big favorites, look for them to keep that ground game churning against Cleveland

3. Colts (Composite Score 8): Coming off a loss and an “ugly” win last week, the Bengals are just what they need right now.

4. Chargers (Composite Score 11): Will beat the Raiders if they all show up to play this week.

5. Broncos (Composite Score 14): As long as the team that throttled the Jets shows up and not that other team that has appeared in their place…

6. Giants (Composite Score 16): I heard a whisper that one of their WR’s is in trouble or something…

7. Patriots (Composite Score 19): They are playing Seattle. What else do you need to know?

8. Bears (Composite Score 22): Jacksonville is falling and the Bears have a great back in Matt Forte.

9. Cowboys (Composite Score 24): Upset pick! The Steelers have the no 1 defense but the number 25 offense. The Cowboys are too balanced and talented now they Romo is back.

10. Ravens (Composite Score 25): Ravens are 4-1 at home and Flacco is a young leader with confidence.