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NFL Free Game Picks Week 6 Survival Pool

October 10, 2008

You read it here, the Super-Computer was the first one on the Redskins bandwagon, picking them to upset the 6 point favorite Eagles.  It also picked the Cardinals to knock off the unbeaten Buffalo Bills!  Going 7 for 10 last week with those two upset picks, not too shabby computer!

Here are this weeks NFL game picks direct from the Super-computer for your survival or last man standing pool.

1.  Washington Native-Americans (Comp score 6)-  The odds makers have finally caught up with the super-computer and jumped on the bandwagon.  Playing the rams doesn’t hurt either…

2.  Minnesota Vikings(Comp score 10)- This seems to be more of a vote against the Lions than for the Vikes.  We all want to see Gus head-butt another wall though, admit it.

3.  Giants (Comp score 11)- No reason to think they would falter this week after the pounding they delivered last week.

4.  Saints(Comp score 13)- Breesseems to be in command and those receivers are stepping up.  Too much for the Raiders.

5.  Eagles(Comp score 15)- They look to right their “embarrasing” play against the 49’ers.  Clubhouse distractions and injuries hamper them some.

6.  Dallas (Comp score 16)-  They need a solid effort to keep up with the old man in Arizona.

7.  New England(Comp score 18)-  Cassel is gaining confidence and sync with Moss.

8.  Cincinatti(Comp score 19)-  Upset alert!  You heard it here first.  The Bengals are better than their record, not so sure you can say that about the Bretts.

9.  Colts (Comp score 21)-  Manning has to turn things around eventually, doesn’t he?

10.  Broncos (Comp score 22)-  Broncos will need to air it out to get past the Jags this week.